Argil DX now among the 11% of Adobe Partners Specialized in AEM


LAS VEGAS – Aug. 7, 2018 — Argil DX, a leader in the AEM instance field has now been designated as specialized in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) by Adobe themselves, making Argil DX among the 11% of companies with this exclusive certification. As a certified Adobe Partner, Argil DX is a leading end-to-end provider of planning, development, implementation, and ongoing management services for Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. With years of expertise driving projects that give visitors an engaging digital experience, Argil DX emphasizes and delivers world-class, back-end efficiency and security. Argil DX achieving Adobe specialization in AEM is a milestone demonstrating Argil DX’s success, capabilities, and potential in the work they produce and the field they work in.

Adobe partners with companies globally to offer outside clients vast opportunities with certified experts in Adobe platforms. To achieve specialization, a company must undergo rigorous skills testing with a certain product and demonstrate proven and successful customer implementation. Within the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Experience Manager suites, few organizations are achieving comparable success as Argil DX. Argil DX designation as “specialized in AEM services” is an achievement shared only by 11% of Adobe partners.

With Argil DX becoming a partner of Magento on top of its specialization in Adobe systems, the company can now provide advanced implementation and development offerings to both platforms together and individually. For sites working either solely on AEM, AEM and Magento, or just Magento, Argil DX can assist with all of these needs.

“On behalf of everyone here at Argil DX, we’re excited about being recognized by Adobe as specialized in Adobe Experience Manager – Sites. We have a very strong commitment to being an Adobe partner and expect that this is only a stepping stone in our continued journey with Adobe,” said Jason Meyer, CEO and President of Argil DX.

Websites today are far more complicated than they have ever been. Sites are expected to grow beyond the written content but also seamlessly integrate images, videos, interactive content, and social media while supporting a massive audience. Websites that feature engaging content generate 94% more views than those that do not, and companies today host a variety of tools and features for creating dynamic, flexible, and engaging domains.  For large enterprises, especially the rapidly growing ones of today, require Adobe Experience Manager to craft their popular web content and manage their systems. Argil DX’s sole mission has been and will continue to be focused on implementation, development, and security for Adobe Experience Manager, but now we are extending this to Magento’s eCommerce platform.

AEM provides developers with the abilities to architect and manage a sophisticated website platform. From simple page creation to the implementation of complex marketing and even Magento eCommerce campaigns, AEM allows companies to integrate all of these seamlessly. Argil DX being specialized in AEM now ensures their ability to deliver AEM to more companies than ever before, and with their recent partnership with Magento, the company significantly extends its reach through a large and global distribution channel.

“We have never been more excited about our future. With the way we are growing today, we can help more people run more complex campaigns than ever before,” says Jason Meyer. “Specialized Partners are certified by Adobe for their proven capabilities and successful implementations — the best of the best in the Adobe Partner ecosystem,” writes Matt Thompson, EVP Worldwide Field Operations at Adobe.

First Published: PRLOG – Argil DX among the 11% of Adobe Partners

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