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LAS VEGAS – Aug. 22, 2018 — Argil DX, a leader in the AEM instance field is announcing today their official partnership with Magento eCommerce.  Argil DX previously specialized in offering AEM implementations and upgrades along with security testing, and has now partnered up with Magento to expand its specialization suite. This partnership allows Argil DX to bring their technical expertise to help develop and implement Magento eCommerce platforms with several other organizations, especially those already utilizing AEM. With Argil DX being recognized as specialized in AEM by Adobe, their expertise in this niche department can be monumental.

Earlier this year, Adobe announced its definitive acquisition of the leading eCommerce platform, Magento. This acquisition of Magento enables the eCommerce cloud to be seamlessly integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud–two leading website development platform cohesion–delivering a single platform serving both B2B and B2C customers globally.

With Argil DX becoming a partner of Magento on top of its specialization in Adobe systems, the company can now provide advanced implementation and development offerings to both platforms together and individually. For sites working either solely on AEM, AEM and Magento, or just Magento, Argil DX can assist with all of these need.

“We could not be more excited to be partnering up with Magento, the leading eCommerce platform, to help provide implementation and development services. Their flexibility grants us the opportunity to broaden our customer portfolio and work with more clients helping them reach their needs,” said Jason Meyer, CEO and President of Argil DX. “This partnership will open our doors to massive opportunities.”

In 2016, eCommerce sales in the United States amounted to $360 billion and are projected to surpass $603 billion by 2021. With this growth, companies require seamlessly integrated and fast functioning platforms to allow developers to handle this growth and keep their sites functioning efficiently with the growth of consumers. Magento has set out on a mission to make the fastest eCommerce store in the world and is known for its power in producing a fast loading web page along with its seamless mobile and SEO solutions.

Magento offers a robust and expansive toolkit making it attractive to both small and large businesses. Since its release in 2008, its widespread implementation has made it the leading eCommerce platform worldwide holding 29% market share. With Argil DX’s ability to assist in developing and implementing AEM and Magento needs, it gives the company an opportunity to work and help an even broader array of clients in the industry.

“As a specialized Adobe partner and Magento partner, Argil DX is ready to take our implementation and development services to serve more clients and help more businesses,” says Jason Meyer.

About Magento: Magento eCommerce is a leading open-source eCommerce platform empowering thousands of retailers and brands to create powerful and flexible sites to launch their products. They work with thousands of companies to deliver sites that can handle complex content and massive traffic.

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