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Is AEM the Best Content Management System for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?


All digital marketers want a content management system (CMS) that gives them the agility to execute their digital marketing strategies effectively. They want more control over their digital marketing efforts in the perpetual hope of maximizing the return on their marketing spend.

Even with great ideas, excellent tech support and massive data, it can be hard to create, manage and launch your websites and campaigns on time. It becomes especially difficult if your web content and assets are siloed because you are using different solutions or products for different needs.

Won’t you love to have an enterprise content management system that enables you to easily access all your data and assets from one place?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, offers a set of solutions that is comprehensive enough to perform all your marketing activities through and from it to provide a “unified experience”. The Adobe CMS takes care of the monotonous daily activities of web authors and marketers. This leaves you with more time and energy to focus on the creative side of your digital marketing strategy.

More power to you, digital marketer!

Is your legacy CMS holding down your digital marketing plans? You want to let go of it… but what’s the best available option?

Let’s say your organization has grown much bigger than it was 10 years ago when you joined fresh out of college. So, you’re now the marketing head who’s been pushing for a redesign of your enterprise websites, apps and customer portals. They don’t reflect your brand anymore and are unable to help you deliver your marketing needs as efficiently. To do this, you want to migrate to a more powerful web content management system that simplifies digital asset creation, delivery and management.

AEM has an omnichannel foundation and offers marketing friendly templates and flexible developer tools. This enterprise CMS solution boosts the productivity of both teams and enables them to sync up seamlessly as they can access all digital assets in one repository. Obviously, you enjoy a strong IT-Marketing cohesion to go live with your new website in record time, on all devices.

Hurray! You have launched a cool new website. What next?

You haven’t explored the full power of AEM yet. The real fun with this enterprise content management system is about to start.

You now have a versatile and powerful content management platform. You can create competitive content and deliver it to your customers the moment they need it. This helps you keep relevant content flowing on time and gives your customers a reason to come back for more.

Or swiftly design and push out immersive landing pages that make your campaigns stand out. Like when your CEO wants you to showcase an awesome tool, developed in-house, within a week. Or attract industry attention to popularize a sales and marketing event that your organization is hosting.

What about optimization, personalization and customer experience (CX)?

You’re most probably looking to dash ahead of your competition in the customer experience race. This becomes more achievable with the massive personalization voltage that AEM brings to your marketing arsenal. Some of the exciting features of this web content management system include drag-and-drop components, WYSIWYG interface, reusable content and visual search. Now you can easily customize your product pages or customer portals for the holiday season sale with minimal effort and quicker than your competitor. If that isn’t enough, you can perform the same activity for mobile devices, applications or in-store screens to offer your customers a seamless digital experience.

A CMS that you can bank on when you grow and grow

As your company’s business expands even more and starts targeting global sales, you need to manage multiple websites, including multi-lingual sites. It isn’t an easy task when you have to make changes to around 50 websites or more at once. However, AEM’s amazing Multi Site Manager and translate automation workflow helps you make speedy changes to the content of your secondary websites while maintaining your master website as it is.

But is AEM a future-proof solution?

There’s still a lot more you can do using this hybrid CMS. It isn’t for being just another CMS that AEM is a Leader in Gartner’s July 2018 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management for the eighth year in a row. AEM is always updating and growing in terms of features and OOTB components with every passing year. With Adobe Experience Manager, creating “content-led experiences” for your customers is as quick as a few clicks.

Read about AEM and other marketing solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud in our blog. Feel free to contact us for implementation and integration of Adobe solutions.

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Bikash Thokchom

August 26, 2019

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