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Need a Comprehensive Status Report of All Your Content in AEM? Get it with Our Content Report Tool


The content report tool helps in the modification/replication status of content in AEM.

During release activities, there are many scenarios where there is a requirement of a report of the content pages that have been modified or re-authored within a span of time. This list can be further useful when a user requires a report of pages which have been modified but not replicated yet. Content Report tool, designed and developed at Argil DX, provides features to simplify these tasks of reporting.


To offer modification and replication status of the content pages and export it as a pdf or csv.

  1. The projects dropdown will contain a list of projects which are configured by the admin in ‘ADX Content Report Service Configuration’ present in <host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr. The admin can enter multiple projects in ‘Project Paths’ field in the format of /content/projectName.

2. To use the tool, users have to fill in details like:

  • Project – select a project from dropdown
  • Root Path – select multiple root paths as input (maximum five)
  • Status – modification or replication status
  • Duration – duration of the content report


  1. We get a graphical representation of modified versus unmodified or replicated versus non-replicated, content pages with corresponding details in a tabular format. Users can search, sort or filter any particular content that is relevant. There is an option to export a complete report of all the root paths using ‘Export Complete Report’ button.

  1. Another feature of the tool is that we can click on the checkbox to filter content which has been modified but not replicated yet. Also, we have an option to export the individual tables into csv or pdf format.


  1. Users can also select a single root path by clicking any bar to view tables of that particular selection.



Key Highlights of the tool:
  • Export content report as a pdf or csv
  • Filter modified but not replicated content
  • Graphical representation and user-friendly console
  • Output of the content report can be used as an input of Selective Content Packaging and Selective Replication tools


The video demonstration of the tool can be viewed at:

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Sukriti Kohli

February 13, 2019

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