Package purging in AEM using ADX Tools
Delete Multiple Unwanted Packages in AEM Instances at Once


Wouldn’t it be really convenient if you could delete multiple unwanted packages in AEM at once? This will enable us to work with a faster AEM instance without spending a dime on the infrastructure? To take away all your hassles related to bulk package deletion, we present you the Package Purging Tool. This will let you delete multiple unwanted packages in AEM.

Purpose of Bulk Package Deletion Tool

To get a list of the packages consuming maximum size on an AEM instance and to have the ability to delete multiple unwanted packages at once.

Implementation of the Bulk Package Deletion Tool

We created a tool to delete multiple unwanted packages in AEM with a single click of a button. This tool provides a simplified console to monitor and manage AEM Packages, the list of packages will be sorted by size and collected according to their package group.

To delete multiple packages, just select their respective checkboxes and click on ‘Delete’ button and all the selected packages will be deleted in a moment. Along with delete operation, we can also download any package for backup before deleting it.

Package purging in AEM

Package Purging Tool provides various details of a package to help you with bulk package deletion.

  • Name-Version
  • Group
  • Last Modified Time
  • Last Replicated Time
  • Created By
  • Is Installed
  • Size

A user can further search or sort packages within the list through any of the above-mentioned details.

Package purging in AEM

Packages are listed in two sections – the first section named ‘All’ contains all the packages and the second section contains the packages collected based on their package-group. The number against the name of each set represents the number of packages in it.

For reporting and documenting purposes, package lists can be exported in PDF and Excel formats by clicking on the ‘Excel’ and ‘PDF’ buttons on the top of every list.

Package Purging in AEM

Steps to delete multiple unwanted packages :

1. Select Package(s) by clicking on checkbox(es).

Package Purging in AEM      2. Click on the delete button.

Package Purging in AEM       3. On the confirmation screen validate and click on “Delete” button. Sit back and relax, packages will be deleted within a few moments.

Package purging in AEM

Package Purging Tool Guide

 A tool guide at the top right helps users understand the package purging tool and use it to effectively delete multiple unwanted packages at once.

Package Purging in AEM

Package Purging in AEMPackage Purging in AEM

You can find the demonstration video of the package purging tool below to help you delete multiple unwanted packages at once.

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